Spotlight on Elisangela Annunziato. Journalist, Writer and So Much More! (English)

Spotlight on Italian Journalist and Writer:

Elisangela Annuziato

Gaya Lynn

Though Elisangela Annunziato weighed only two kilograms at birth and was given up for adoption as a baby, she did not let that stop her. Instead, she forged ahead, and became strong and mighty,  both in spirit and body, and went on to accomplish more than most twice her age.  Born in Brazil, Elisangela was adopted by a loving family in Napoli, Italy. She eventually went on to become a journalist, a published author and a tv announcer with an emphasis on social endeavors.  Despite her success, she has kept her feet firmly planted to the ground and remains both humble and wise, following the words of spiritual author Paulo Coelho, “The boat is safer anchored at the port, but that’s not the aim of boat.” 

At nineteen, she volunteered in Guinea Conackry in Africa. When she was twenty two, she went to work in the United Arab Emirates with which she quotes “A place where one can find himself.” Coming back to Italy, she became a journalist, publicist and writer. In 2012, she wrote her first book about adoption called “Il Sogno di Francesca” (Francesca’s Dream). “I wanted to give a testimony, from an adopted child’s point of view, that the parents are the ones who raise their children,” Elisangela stated recently with a great deal of pride.
Today, Elisangela continues to work with a great deal of passion. Her goal is to highlight the lives of society’s most vulnerable. She also has worked in the field of journalism and collaborated with some of the biggest names in Italy:  Pupi Avati, Luciano De Crescenzo, Adriano Giannini, Bud Spencer, Staffan De Mistura…At thirty, she chose to return to her studies and attends il Master Focsiv at the l’Università Pontificia Lateranense (better known as the  “Università del Papa”). 

She has in recent years put her heart and soul into the book she penned: “Anelfra –un viaggio attraverso l’Africa e il deserto” (Carmignani Editrice), edito nel 2017–while she collaborates with the Institute of International Research on giving more attention to import and export of weapon and human rights. She continues to work with Social News which is s
ponsered by the Social Secretary of the RAI. 

Gaya Lynn: You have accomplished so much at such a young age. Obviously you work very hard. But in addition to your work ethic, do you accredit your accomplishments to optimism and positive thinking?

Elisangela Annunziato: Yes, I always try to be optimistic. Sure, sometimes I get down, but normally, I try to be optimistic even when I’m down. I like to laugh, and I believe that’s a great way to deal with life.

GL: Did your parents raise you in a certain way that helped you later in life?

EA:  Yes, my parents for sure did more than their share. My father and mother taught me how to love. They also took care of me when I was just a baby from Brazil who weighed two kilos and all I had was  just my name. They loved me for the first moment we were together.

GL:  At nineteen, you went overseas to work in Africa and did volunteer work. Then again, at twenty two, you went to work in the United Arab Emirates. Why did you go to these places and what did you learn there?

EA: In Africa, as a volunteer, I learned about the meaning of life and about dignity. In the Emirates, I went for work. I discovered that the desert is a place to find oneself.

GL: I saw on CNN that many young people like yourself because of the many young people from Italy move overseas especially in places like London to pursue their careers and passions. Is the situation in Italy that severe?

EA: Frequently, we find challenges and blocks when it comes to work. Sometimes, even those with degrees have to do manual labor even if they want to do work that they did years of study for.

GL: You grew up in Napoli. A city full of history, cucine and art. It truly seems to have an unique quality to it. What would you like to say about your city and share with the world.

EA:  Napoli is a city of invention and creativity.  It is a city filled with colors, and rich with history. It is my city.

GL:  You wrote two novels.  “Anelfra – Un viaggio attraverso l’Africa e il deserto” (A journey across Africa and the Desert), Edito da Carmignani Editrice;  “Il Sogno di Francesca”, (Francesca’s Dream)  romanzo edito da A&A Edizioni that deals with the subject of adoption. Any advice to a budding writer?

EA:  The only thing that comes to my mind is to let your mind wonder totally, to let the words pour out like a river as they mark your white page of paper with black ink.

GL:  Future plans? Ever think about politics?

EA:  Right now, I am presented my new book  “La Formichina Jo”, to the prestigious Salone del Libro di Torino.  No, the political life is not for me.  

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