Living Life Artistically No. 17 Giorgio Dimichina

Living Life Artistically 


Essays and Art  

by Giorgio Dimichina

The Power Of Compassion


Giorgio Dimichina

I have been privileged to see the wondrous healing power of a soft innocent touch when no words could alleviate the pain being felt.


It all took place at a regional park near my home where I like to walk in the early morning hours among the old established oaks and sycamore groves. On this particular morning as I walked down a sun dappled path, I spotted a young child who had fallen off his tiny bicycle and his mother was trying to console him. While the mother was lifting his pant leg to see how bad he had scrape his knee, a young woman pushing a jogging stroller walked up to them.

As I got closer, it seemed they were both trying to calm the young boy down. As the boy continued to cry, the two women were unaware of the little girl in the Jogging stroller climbing out of it and quickly making her way towards the little boy. I was right up on them as I heard the little girl say to the young boy…“It’s OK, It’s OK, don’t cry.” as she softly hugged him and patted his back. To my amazement, the little girl’s unrestrained gesture of compassion was able to sooth the little boy to the point that he stopped crying. With that, the two women now turned their focused and attention onto the young girl, thanking her, hugging her and telling her what a sweet thing she did.

As I continued to walk past, I contemplated on what the little girl did and how it was a truly sweet gesture as the two women had proclaimed. This young innocent child didn’t hesitate at all in wanting to comfort someone who was hurting. What that little girl did that morning in a spirit of innocence was able to bless not only the young boy who had fallen, but also both mothers who witnessed it as well as me a passerby.

Genuine Love, Care, Compassion, Patience and tolerance all done in a spirit of care and innocence, has a way of blessing far beyond the initial act of kindness. 
Of all the moments that have left an everlasting mark on my life, some of the most special have been the moments I have been able to witness true compassion on this earth.

Having a compassionate heart for others will always be an individual choice. We may not be able to control what our heart feels, but we can control our actions. There is kindness and good all around us and when we give witness to its existence, it is sure to bless others.


Giorgio Dimichina



Born in Argentina, Giorgio Dimichina fell in love with art at a young age. After pursuing a successful career in visual arts with major corporations, Giorgio left the corporate world in order to pursue his passion and talents as an artist and has been painting full time since 1980. Today, Giorgio’s art work is admired around the world as he is best known for his beautiful landscapes, incredible detail, and picturesque scenes.

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