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“The world is often ugly and cruel, I wanted to create something beautiful.”

Gaya Lynn 

“Dedicated to bringing people together through the power of


Giorgio Dimichina

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Who we are…..

Launched on April 1, 2016, Internationally Known is a site that feature creative souls in the realms of art, fashion and lifestyle from around the globe.  I.K. is truly international in nature, inspired by those in life who are creative and passionate about their craft. I.K. loves to feature individuals who are unique, inspirational, and talented in the world of business, fashion, art and music. 

Most important, in an age when beauty is so often defined by one standard, Internationally Known will provide a platform for not just creative, accomplished individuals and businesses, but also those of different backgrounds, ages, and ethnicity.




Gaya Lynn, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Gaya has written for online sites, PR media, print and many financial sites and corporations.  She has a BA in international affairs, an MFA in writing and English, and has studied writing and fashion all over the world. Her profiles have included world-renowned artists, CEOs, and those in the entertainment field while she has done PR work for several PR companies both here and abroad.   

Recently, she was a writer for World Finance News www.wfn1.com and has worked with Mr. Dick Marconi, one of the original founders of Herbalife, Mr. Marques Anderson with his charity, World Education Foundation, Mr. Todd Sonoga of Trilogy Marketing Services and Mr. Jeffrey Frisch, artist and coordinator of John Wayne Arts Program. 

She explores topics of spirituality, self-help and mental health on http://www.talktothesoul.com


This site is dedicated to creative caring minds everywhere, and in loving memory of my sister. Music, art and creativity were so much a part of her life… I want to continue and support those who pursue the same passions- Gaya

My Sister








Editor at Large: Silvia Minocchi, Italia 

 Handles Italian content, oversees interviews. 

 Lead Graphic and Web Consultant: Michael Firman, USA
Mr. Michael Firman
 Michael has worked in the digital industry for over twenty years. Having worked for top companies such as Hyundai and Disney, he is currently working with a top technical company on the West Coast. His specialties include websites, applications, front-end semantic, mobile-first, responsive design, navigation, product/image carousels, e-commerce/shopping cart, E-mail blasts, web banners, interactive, video, wire framing, high-fidelity mockups, social media and debugging. [Print] Branding. 

Directors of I.T. and Social Media: The Dutta Brothers, India 


The Dutta Brothers are a powerhouse in Social Media and I.T. They hail from India and are graduates of prestigious universities. Though both are in their early twenties, they are highly experienced having working with major corporations and business entities. 

Special Featured Writers/Artists:

Special Featured Contributor: Jimmy Wilson USA

Mr. Jimmy Wilson
 Born and raised in Minneapolis, photographer, filmmaker, writer and gallery owner Jimmy Wilson graduated from the University of Minnesota. His love of nature, film, and photography, changed his life forever. Jimmy became the creator, writer, and producer of the award winning “Jimmy Wilson Films Children’s Adventure Series.”   When the series became complete after the 9th film, he re-created himself and became a professional photographer. Today, Jimmy is the owner of The Jimmy Wilson Gallery, which showcases his own work and other talented guest artists. With over twenty years of experience producing art, Jimmy will have his own monthly column and share art tips and advice, gallery news, opinions, and even some nature observations mixed in. 

Featured Writer: Nella Triolo, Italia

Nella Triolo visiting her elementary school

Born in Ribera, a comune in the province of Agrigento in Sicily, Nella is a fascinating writer and woman. She is a wife and mother to twins (both brother and sister were some of Italy’s finest Judo black belts and now successful in their own careers). The first of four children, Nella tragically lost her own sister who then only forty-six to breast cancer.

At just four years old, Nella moved to London with her parents and returned when she was fourteen to Italy. Although she missed London, she soon fell in love with not just Sicily and its beauty, but also a handsome Italian (with whom she describes “bello come il sole, gorgeous as the sun”) After working in many sectors, including hair styling, fashion, and as a seamstress, she then got married and had twins, Fabiana and Giuseppe. She moved first to Trieste and then to Tuscany. After years of balancing her life, working and taking care of children, she now keeps herself busy by working in her daughter’s dentist office, writing, dancing and reading. She is an expert chef, and will share with us some of her recipes, all made with natural ingredients. Some of her favorite authors are Sicilian author Andrea Camilleri, Pirandello, Nicholas Sparks, Alice Sebold and Camus while she adores American cinematic actors: from Denzel Washington, Tom Selleck to Morgan Freeman. 

Special Featured Writer: Giorgio Dimichina USA 

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Giorgio Dimichina fell in love with art at a young age. After moving to the states with his parents, he eventually became a successful commercial artist working with companies such as Mazda and Pepsi. Eventually, with the encouragement of his aunt and his wife, Susan, Giorgio opened up an art studio and began to paint. Self-taught, Giorgio’s work is recognized and admired all over the world. His work is currently on display at the Artist Eye Gallery in Orange County, California. 

For more, please go to www.artbygiorgio.com


Staff Writers:

  Head Writer: Monojit Dutta, India. 

Head Writer. Handles Fashion and Tech. IK’s I.T. Tech Consultant and Computer Whiz. 

Mr. Monojit Dutta

Lead International Writer: Mrs. Roxana Acosta Sosa, Argentina 

Roxana joined IK in 2016. She is a charming and talented young woman who currently lives in India. She is published lifestyle writer and writes a column both in English and Espanol called “Hola from Argentina.” Starting in January 2018, Mrs. Sosa will write essays about her life and marriage in India.

Lead Internationally Writer: Mr. Daniel Moreno, Spain 
The newest lead writer to join IK is Mr. Daniel Moreno.  We at IK are thrilled to have him. With a bachelor degree in Philosophy and a Master Degree in Cognitive Sciences, Daniel can speak Spanish, French and English. He has lived in Andalucía, Basque Country, Scotland and France and would love to live in Canada, New Zealand and anywhere else life takes him.
For more on Daniel:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kylareksas/